Bic and Iranian market

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Bic and Iranian market

The story of the founder of Bik Factory in Iran is a full-scale tragedy for Iranian capitalists. Ali Akbar Refugaran, who brought Bik to Iran and transformed the production of pearl pencils, entered the business world from the teenage years of the 1920s and achieved great progress in the market and the production of writing instruments.

For the first time in the 1940s, he introduced the Iranian people to a phenomenon called "Khodkar" and named it such a name as a painless alternative to the writer. He says he might have chosen a better name instead of an automobile, but this was the first word he spoke about after the introduction of the phenomenon.
His companionship with his family in revolutionary affairs left his factory behind the confiscations after the revolution, but who thought that years later a terrible fate awaited him and his industrial heritage until he and his brother Exceed the suicide border. The refugees intended to set up the largest Middle East Middle East manufacturing plant in Iran, but in the years that followed the new round of industrial and commercial development, the government of the Tampere government killed a lifetime of entrepreneurship, Iran with the intermediation of high ranking officials from the prison corps and 80 lashes can be released. That's why some believe that the story of Ali Akbar's Refugaran should be narrated from the bottom up.
French Backstreet Boat
After a while from Ali Akbar's business, the father agreed to work together again. They added imports to their work. Ali Akbar, his father and brother, founded his company and started importing various goods. Ali Akbar was the representative of the German "luxuror" self-printing plant and earned a decent income from the import, but he continued to grow bigger dreams. He met with CEO Luxor and asked for the production of this self-portrait in Iran, but the director of the German company told him angrily: "If you have to import the raw material of this self-label in your country, then what do we do?" After this meeting, the LUXOR representative was also taken from the referees. Sometime later, when the pencil were still writing tools, and no one knew the pen, a deal broker provided an example for sale to Hijra Mirzaali's refreshers, which was the same as Bic. Mirzaali Refugees said how does he work? How do you throw ink in it? Aliakbar, who knew the writing software, said that there was no need to spill ink, and that the device would work automatically. From then on, the auto-name remains on it. The pen representative was a man named Germans, and the refugees bought and dispatched French biker cars. It was three years since it was automatic and did not have much to do with, and in total, 500,000 of these were not sold in all these years. The same day, the head of the export department of the Bake France had come to Iran. The son of the people of Aliakbar called on Ali Akbar to turn around the market through his acquaintance with foreign language. "What can be done to boost auto sales in Iran," said Luke, who was on the market when he was on the market. Aliakkbar also responded to a letter from Mr. Kalimian who, at least 10 years old, did not sell this product to anyone but the referee, and instead promised to sell it to two million in one year. Luke asked: "The gurus sell you a few? Who heard the answer, eight rails? Then, he said, "We are the most expensive dealers." After investigating the credit status of the Refugaran and ensuring their credit and integrity, Luke transferred them to Iran in order to receive 100 thousand dollars, which at that time was significant money. The father did not agree with this, but eventually, with the insistence of Ali Akbar, he allowed the official representative of Bik in Iran to be registered as refugees.
Iranian Bic’s birthday
After failure in the production of a self-portrait in Iran, Ali Akbar Reforgaran began to establish a Bic Auto Production Plant in 1342. With the significant increase in auto sales in Iran, Ali Akbar, he persuades his father to accompany him in the construction of the Bic representative plant in Iran. Aliakbar quickly went to France to arrange a meeting with the head of the factory. During this visit, the head of the factory, without the introduction, asked Ali Akbar Rafgaran what I can do for you. And Ali Akbar, who had prepared himself for this moment, replied, "Mr. Bic, I will sell a plastic injection machine plus a second-automatic second-order machine and withdraw it now, I will install these devices I would go to Tehran and if I could bring production to a level that would satisfy you, I would authorize the pen production of Bic in Iran, if I could not hold the injection machine and return the template to you in an opportunity to Bic, who was surprised to listen to Ali Akbar, ended with his speech with Laugh told him the perseverance to congratulate you. After this approval, the head of the Bic Ali Akbar factory bought the equipment and returned to Iran. After the return of the industrial company, Penal-e-automat, he formed the father of 43%, the great brother (Haj Abbas), 33%, and Ali Akbar, 33% of the shares. They began manufacturing a factory at a speed of 11,000 meters in New Tehran, and when the cars arrived in Tehran, the factory was set up. The company with a capital account of 10 million rials, November 1343 at 2800 meters of infrastructure, exploited. The number of regular technical and labor personnel was 96 at the start and it took three months for the first product to come to market. With the production of Ali Akbar, a part of his production was sent to France to verify the quality of the products at Bic Company. While Bic Company has approved the quality of Iranian products, Sales of Bic began to increase from 500,000 to more than 100 million at the factory starting from production.

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