Writing equipment in Iranian market

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Writing equipment in Iranian market

Based on figures reported by related authorities, the share of domestic paper products from the market of billions of products in the country is less than 5%, with 75% of the market share allocated to China, and the rest of the contribution to products are from Turkey, Indonesia, India and Malaysia.

In the meantime, the production of student offices is more favorable than other consumer products, with 98% of office production being for domestic products.
Of course, we should mention the vital point in the production of stationery that, thankfully, our country is in good condition in order to supply the raw materials and requirements of these products, and if the process of producing the desired products is more of a comment from custodians and policy The other needs of the target community are not limited to the purchase and import of foreign products, which in many cases are also qualitatively lower than domestic products, and the consumer community is proud of this cultural product and product to improve knowledge. This uses the name of the manufacturer on the body of the products.
With a glance at the market, it is also possible to see the presence of more colorful domestic products than in previous years, and the wider variety of these products was seen with more striking shapes and designs, which boosted the future of the country's home paper market. But it must be acknowledged that there are barriers and problems in the production path that have made magnetically crafted producers out of place.
These barriers and problems are due to various factors, including "the lack of attention to proper investment with planned planning, outside of the current administrative bureaucracy and the provision of low-yield loans to producers, and the material and moral support of them for domestic production" "Facilitating the export of these products to foreign markets and creating a healthy competition field between manufacturers to increase the quality of goods," "paying subsidized subsidies to manufacturers, and continuing lowering production costs, allocating specific subsidies to consumers for cheaper supplies," Products in order The need for people to buy domestic products "," obstruction of the boundaries of the import of foreign products to the country and the ordering of their imports," increasing the level of knowledge of the production of internal writing with the technologies of the world today "," culture-building among families regarding attention and shopping Domestic products "and" Using experts opinions to produce more relevant products with students' morale and interests "can be counted.
Foreign designs "Katie", "Angry birds" and "Batman", engraved on students stuff'
Safa'i said that the sale of textbooks has not begun yet and parents and students have not officially begun purchasing unsupervised appliances. This year, the same popular designs and famous pupils like Katie, Angry birds, Batman, Mickey Mouse "and popular cartoon characters in the market.
When we ask this seller who has worked for many years on the market for cultural products, especially consumer products, about "the quality of their goods and their price level he reminds us: there is not much difference in price compared to last year among the various items needed by students. But it should be noted that foreign products are welcomed by more families, especially students, due to their lower prices for domestic products and their apparent variety.
Iranian designs, with a little attention to the appearance of their products, will further increase the students' eagerness
When we were asking him who is the survivor of few vendors with a history of writing, he mentioned "students are welcome Iranian designs on the use of appliances" when we have vary variety of designs and color that can match for school and also meet students fundamental educational needs we will see that Iranian costumers are really interested in new Iranian designs, he also says: "Plans such as" Eznad "," Shekrestan "and" Images of our honorable martyrs of our country "are also among purchases. Consumers are well-liked, because this is one of the ways to promote our great Iranian and Islamic culture and civilization, but we must admit that some of these designs are due to inappropriate design, lack of attention to art delicacies and advertising made the way for lack of these products, the less attention is given to families, the less sale you will see.
The prints of National Heroes require a master's degree
He confirms his speeches: "If we want to identify our national champions and proud players, which is the right issue, we must admit that this requires careful consideration, expert work, and the use of experts in the production of these products.”
Tayebi, referring to domestic products, says: Of course, the old brands of home-made appliances that have attracted people's confidence for years, such as "pencils" and "circles known as etude", which have long been considered by students and families, should not be, But unfortunately, such domestic products are also rare or rare on the market for a variety of reasons, which are generally related to the lack of protection from domestic production.
From this seller, I want to tell a little about the level of our customers in terms of revenue and product selection for students, which points out that there are all kinds of purchases; from the so-called patois and permanent customers to affluent households who are solely concerned about their purchase, the selection of superior quality products and Is a favorite of the children.


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