Tractors in the Iranian market

Tractors in the Iranian market

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Buying a tractor and its accessories is a significant investment that should be obsessed with. For example, a small, low-cost tractor for a relatively large farm would involve long hours for the farmer, In addition lagging at the time of harvesting and the ship that small tractors will cause significant problems on the ground.

On the other hand, a large tractor for small plots brings additional costs and significant damage. Therefore, determining the size and number of tractors required for agronomic operations that can operate at the shortest possible time is an important step in purchasing tractors.
The tractors are efficiently divided into several sections of garden, industrial, rice and general. But along with this overall categorization can be categorized according to the number of wheels (two wheels, three wheels and four wheels) or according to the type of wheel (rubber or chains). Tractors have multiple applications such as planting and harvesting. So if you are looking for these types of tractors, it's not best to go for cheaper types. Tractors like this can be easily accessed from the wall site. For example, a Romanian tractor produced in 1990 on this site is sold for 15 million and 500 thousand tomans.
Garden tractors are known to be hydraulic driven, capable of stirring around the trees. This tractor model generally has a chassis and four-wheel drive wheels. The power of a garden tractor does not need to be so high, so it is enough for them to get 40 horsepower. Buying a garden tractor with such specifications at the site of the wall has a lot of ads, all of them at a price less than 100 million. Note that the minimum power of this tractor must be 20 horsepower. A four-wheeled tractor with engine on this site is sold for 55 million. Of course, the advertisements for garden tractors are limited to this site and it is recommended that those who intend to sell their tractors go to this site and advertise.
Industrial tractors, as their name suggests, are used to move heavy vehicles in large gardens or even to airports and factories. This type of tractor may be the only one that does not work well for an agricultural land. Consequently, the industrial tractor has a higher price than a public or garden tractor; however, if you are a customer of this model, do not worry. The site for buying and selling Internet wallpapers makes it easy for you to auction different types of new, second hand, or newly-used tractors at a great price. For example, if you have a cash of about 80 million and you are looking for an industrial tractor with such a budget, a four-wheel drive tractor for sale will be sold for 83 million. Also, if you are looking for a cheaper tractor with such efficiency, in the shopping cart on the wall site tractor, Messier Ferguson's tractor is priced at 20 million. The seller points out that the engine and compressors of this tractor are replaced and very healthy.
Tractors are traditionally used in agricultural lands to mechanize some agricultural tasks. Modern tractors are used to plow and prepare the ground for planting. Other uses of the tractor are the maintenance of agricultural land, fertilization and plant cleansing.
The use of tractors in agricultural land also has gardens with numerous benefits and benefits. This paper examines the various benefits of using tractors to mechanize farming, horticulture or even drilling.
Tractors have a wide range of options that meet and meet all the requirements and specific needs of the users, in other words, meet all the needs of farmers and gardeners.
Although tractors are available in a wide range of models, modern tractors are designed and constructed to carry out all possible tasks and tasks on their own. All-purpose tractors have the ability to carry out a wide range of tasks, such as gardening, to agricultural affairs on agricultural land, in addition to the ability to attach devices and tracks, such as front loaders and rear shovel excavators.
The strength and durability of the tractor
Tractors and their engines are designed and built to ride on rugged terrain, heavy loads, and do good agricultural work. Also in modern tractors, the front axle castors are used for more power and durability.

Simplicity in moving and operating the tractor
Modern tractors use power transfer and hydrostatic transmissions to simplify their performance. While these tractors have powerful commands to make it easier to bypass, more advanced models with controls to help reduce operator fatigue.
The production capacity of this type of tractor in Iran's Tractor Company annually was announced from 2 to 3 thousand units, adding that the tractors will be produced based on the domestic market demand and the order of foreign markets.
The director of the Tractor Trade Group of Iran has listed the price of heavy-duty tractors in Tabriz about 200 million Tomans and said the similar foreign price of this product is 420 million. He said that these tractors are produced only in the United States and several European countries, including Germany, England, Italy and Belgium. Of course, China and India also produce heavy tractors that are of a lower quality than the Iranian ones.
Today, the ITM 470 brass tractor was unveiled for use in rice fields.
The director of the Iranian tractor group said that the tractor was designed with a capacity of 47 horsepower for small gardens and small farms in this complex and its production line was set up in Urmia Tractor Company.
Ebrahimi pointed to the features of this product said: low weight, standard vision, compliance with ergonomic standards, equipping with oil brakes, hydrostatic steering, equipped with fender and exhaust suitable for gardens and fields, the possibility of installation of canopy and cabin, the possibility of installing the front axle, Reducing sound and increasing fuel tank to 54 liters, including the characteristics of the ITM470 tractor.
In Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company, 24 different types of products are produced in power and different single and two differential models.
The Iranian tractor group, as the largest producer of agricultural implements, has 9 satellite companies, including seven companies in Tabriz and two companies in Sanandaj and Urumia and two production lines are in Venezuela and Tajikistan.