LG Company and Iranian market

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LG Company and Iranian market

Sales director of the LG home appliances department said that after the withdrawal from the United States, we have been facing business problems with Iran, but the business we have in the Iranian market is very important to us. For this reason, with the help of our business partners in Iran,

we can endure the problems. Since two years ago, we started to produce products in the Iranian market and we can solve these problems. One of the old Korean partners in Iran announced that it will stay in Iran with the help of the arrangements, on days when the unilateral US sanctions on Iran are still unclear as a result of Tramp's withdrawal.
Mr. TJ Li, director of LG's sales of Middle East products, told the news agency at a press conference with Iranian media representatives at the twin towers of the company in Seoul. LG's home appliance sales manager in the Middle East has responded to the question "What is LG's approach to pursuing its business in the US market after the departure of the US, given the financial dealings with the United States after the departure of the United States?" Said: We have been in business with Iran, but the business we have in the Iranian market is very important to us. But the very important thing is that the Goldiran Co. is a good partner for LG, and they are the pioneer in the Iranian market and can withstand the problems."
He also said in response to a second question about the LG's solutions to the new import restrictions that the Iranian government has imposed on some household appliances to prevent currency exits in recent weeks: "Since two years ago, we started production in the Iranian market. And so we can fix the problems. "
In response to another journalist's question about Iran's production method, TJ Li said, "We currently have a refrigerator, television and laundry unit in the form of CKD in Iran. The Iranian government attaches great importance to the cooperation of the CKD. We are trying to strengthen this issue in the future. In addition, due to exchange rate problems, we are trying to find partner companies to make parts of the Iranian production line inside. "
LG's home appliance sales manager in the Middle East responded to another reporter's question about the possibility of changing after-sales service and LG's warranty after the US sanctions. "After the departure of the United States, after-sales service is also hard. But with the help of Goldiran, we can solve a large part of the problems in this regard. In addition, with these programs, there is no change in the quality of Iran's after-sales service plans and will be strengthened. "
"The answer to this question is tough: we are investigating how we can maintain the Iranian market," he said. "In the context of the new sanctions regime, Iran or America," he said.
"In the Middle East, the head of sales of LG home appliance in the Middle East also said:" In the Iranian market, which has the first place of sale in the laundry and refrigerator. But the most important point is that we can deliver LG products to our customers. The Iranian market is the most important home appliance market in the Middle East. In addition, in general, in the global market, Iran has a lot of importance for LG Electronics.
TJ Li also announced that LG intends to launch its smart products in the Iranian market. In response to another question about Iran's market capacity for smart home appliances, he said: "It depends on how expanding the infrastructure of countries for smart products, and then see how tight the market is. But smart appliances are in the early stages of development and production. All, government policy, infrastructure, and customer satisfaction are effective in delivering these products.
LG's home appliance sales manager in the Middle East said a new situation has arisen and there are problems with the LG products in Iran, according to a recent announcement by Chinese companies that they were replacing many other foreign companies in the Middle East. But we try to introduce more diverse products. Chinese companies have recently profited a lot in Iranian market. It's not a problem for us, because we are trying to deliver high-tech products.

"In light of the drop in the value of the Rial in Iran, the cost of manpower to produce various products has become more competitive than other countries," he said, adding that some of Iran's current situation has been similar to China in the last two or three decades. This has and still has lower production costs than many countries. Given this advantage, LG does not develop its factories and its production capacity in Iran? "
"There are financial and exchange rate fluctuations in Iran now in Iran, but the increase in the production and export of Iranian factories depends on the policies of the Iranian government and South Korea," said LG's Middle East sales director. We are pursuing government policies in this regard.
LG's top marketing manager in the Middle East has not prepared for the Iranian market due to the lack of some infrastructure, so IoT's serious entry into Iran is not ready yet, and the Iranian market is currently moving toward smart manufacturing. Three policy factors, infrastructure and customers are critical to the success of smart appliances in a single market. In response to a journalist's question about LG's production in Iran, and then to export it, he said:
Increasing production in Iran and exporting it to the policies of both Iran and Korea are about this issue, and we are subject to the policies of our governments in this regard.

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