Translated books in Iranian market

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Translated books in Iranian market

In the field of translation books, which is the first of three first places of interest, the fact that the first three best-sellers in the translation section come from three different domains is not unusual, it is not surprising that it was ranked first in the so-called romance fiction book in the field of fiction literature.

The love nation, written by Alif Shafak, is translated by Arsalan Fusayhi, which Phoenix publishes to the market. Of course, this novel is not the end of the book's autumn project, and even the book market of Iran's books smuggling works that its offset printing is well sold and sold.
In the second place, but with a sudden twist with a book in the field of world history and wise man, a brief history of Bashra by Yoaval Noah Harari of the publication of New Culture with the translation of Nick Gruengin is second best-sellers in the translation section. In this book, as the introduction of the translator comes up to questions like the relationship between history and biology? Or is justice in history? And are humans happier by revealing historical facts?
Swiss psychologist's look
Another writer who succeeded in the book market of Iran is the novelist and entrepreneur of the Swiss Republic, Rolf DuBlie, who is at the top of the bestsellers more than any other in the last two months.
Dublie deserves more of his success than the interpreter of his work, because if it was not just the name of Adel Ferdowsipur as the translator on his two works, it was not clear that the same amount would be taken into consideration.
The "Transparent Art of Thinking" and "The Art of Living Well," is the title of two works by this author who has been able to place in the heart of Iranian book readers. These books Work within psychology, each of which deals with different subjects. Dubli's analysis of the "Transparent Art of Thinking" examines the common mistake in thinking during 99 chapters, and admits, of course, that his catalog is not complete. "Good Living Art" also brings fifty two shortcuts for happiness, wealth and success.
Experience success and fame with the first work
Another writer who has been successful in Iran is a significant difference with other rivals, and is a reputation and success story with his first professional writing experience.
Australian writer Steve Tultz wrote his first novel, which was renowned in Iran in 2008, titled "Out Of the Whole," the work of which was his winning sheet to enter the professional world of writing, and in that same year brought Becker's nomination to him. The success is too little for a writer's first work. In the short term, he was able to put together this book in the largest Australian literary works.
"Apart from the whole", it deals with the atmosphere of philosophy with a nice narrative that engages the audience in the adventures of a policeman, a complex and full-fledged storyline that plugs the reader down the final page, a topic of interest to many of Iranians.
Thults launched his second album, "Rig Run", in 2015, based on "Out of the Whole," and this author has experienced this combination of social events and philosophy.
Famous for the Nobel Prize in Literature
Perhaps the most famous literary name of the year was for Kazawu Ishi Guro, a writer who, unlike his expectations, won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2017, and then his works like a bomb exploded in Iran. The success of the series was in part due to the Nobel Prize that the author received. According to Sarah Denis, secretary of the Nobel Prize, the pen of Ishi Guru can be partly taken from Kafka and Austen, combined with Marcel Proust.
Ishi Gurou won the Whiteboard Prize in 1986 by writing "An Artist of the Floating World", and won the Booker Prize three years later with "Surviving the Day." In 2008, she was named by the magazine Time among the top 50 English writers.

This writer, however, in Iran, with works such as "Surviving the Day", "Never Falling", "When We were Orphans", "Buried Giants" and "Night Bites", became known as the best-selling writers. The remarkable thing about Ishi Guru is his cross-sectional period in bestsellers; he was no longer able to hit the bestsellers as he did before the fever of his work fell short after receiving the Nobel Prize.
Scatter the life of a spy woman
The last bestselling foreign writer is dedicated to a Korean woman named Kim Hyun Hey, a woman who has written her life in her "Crying Soul" book. "My Crying Soul" is the true story of Kim Hyun Hee's spy, who was nicknamed Kim O'Hawa in the North Korean spy agency and detonated the South Korean airline flight 858. The goal of Kim Hyun Hey and North Korea was to prevent the Olympics and the reunification of the two Koreas, which failed, of course.
The book, which had not been released for a long time in Iran, could soon be opened up in the eyes of the audience and became known as one of the most popular foreign works in the past year. The story of the strange life of a woman who is involved in spyware and deals with any moment by death and fine softens that makes Iranians interested in this book.


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