The works of foreign authors in Iranian novel market

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The works of foreign authors in Iranian novel market

The works of foreign authors have always been popular among Iranians throughout history. From the Qajar period and translation of classical works such as "Three Musketeers" and "Cont.

Monte Cristo" in the era of Nasir al-Din Shah and Mozafar al-Din Shah to the present day and books such as "One hundred years of loneliness", "The poor", "Anger and Frustration". Still somewhat limited, people living with the works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Victor Hugo, Dostoevsky, Hemingway, and dozens of other magic-literate writers, and each of these writings reminds them of bitter and sweet memories.
In recent years, however, they are no less mentioned than the elders, as if they were not at all. If we have a tour in the bookstores of Revolution Street, we will see the beautiful works of these writers who are not welcome as before. Perhaps the time has changed, and the tastes of the past have gone down to their own accord. Today's generation is no longer bored to read the classics and is looking for a new author with a different thinking. The book of Iranian friends these days has shown other works and it is rarely possible to find a week or a fish to look at the works of the showrooms named Marquez and Tolstoy.
Undoubtedly, if you look at the most impressive works of the past year, you will notice the name of Elif Shafak, a writer who has captured the book market with the "Love Moon", which has some of the opponents who believe that this feature does not feature a bestselling novel. This widespread acceptance of "Our Love Nation" has led us to introduce the foreign authors who have been selling their books in the book market for the last year in the bestseller market.
The Turkish writer accompany the Iranians
As mentioned above, one cannot talk about the best-selling works and does not mention the name of Elif Shafak, the author who shook the book market with the "love nation".
This Turkish-born writer, born in France, is known for his artwork, Oliv Bilgin (the composition of his name and his mother's name Atia Mann) in Turkey, and his works are well-received in the country.
Shafak has published 10 novels to date, whose first work, "Hidden", was released in 1998 and won the Roman Prize. But this was the novel "The Willow Palace," which led to the reputation of the author in Turkey, and he later published his works in English. In 2006, Shafak wrote a controversial book titled "The Father and the Bastard" or "Kharmushaye Istanbul" about the Turkish-Armenian relations and eventually led to his arrest by the Turkish government, who was acquitted for lack of sufficient evidence.
But where did the story of the "love nation" originate from the popular book of these Iranian days? In the year 2010, Shafak wrote the "Forty Law of Love", translated into Farsi, "The Mult of Love," after three years of his latest work, "The Black Lion," about his life. The work that brought her prominence to the world and the launch pad was in the field of writing. This work is currently the best-selling book in Turkish history.
Its mystical and relatively romantic atmosphere, which occurs in the context of a meeting with Shams and Rumi, has made it interesting for the Iranian audience and brings the reader to work. However, the subsequent work of the author, "After Love", as it should not have been able to repeat the success of the "nation of love", and as it should not be welcomed by an Iranian reader.
The romance of the writer who touches the reader’s heart
After Oliph Shafak, he can be named by Jojo Mooyz as the best-selling writer in the book market of Iran, with the difference that Jojo has been featured with a number of bestsellers over the last year. The English writer who began his career with journalism in 2002 wrote his first novel, Rainbow, which originated in the world of writing, after which he published 13 other works. Jojo's fame began in 2004 with the release of "Fruit", which brought her the Best Romantic Award. But in 2011, he won the award again with the novel The Last Love Letter.
But Jojo owes his reputation in Iran for three works, "I am before you", "I am after you" and "The girl you left behind". There is a romantic work with a pleasant writing that brings the audience to think as if in a different world. The power of her mind is so great that he brings every reader to her book, and then leaves never.
A journalist who wrote philosophy in love
The third best-selling name belongs to a Swedish writer and journalist in bestsellers, Lena Anderson with the full name of Lena Christine Anderson, who, like Shafak, was able to gain reputation in the book market of Iran. "The capture of the merciless" is the title of his best-selling album, which was written in 2013 and won the most significant Swedish literary award in the same year.
A book that, according to the expectation of the love story, was amazed by the Iranian audience, "the capture of a scarecrow" is a story of a woman who is entangled in a love line and the author is psychologically trying to induce a definition of love for the audience. In this book, Enderson uses love to convey his psychological and philosophical concepts to the audience, in fact, love is the bed of an inspiration for the author's ideas.

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