40 Notes for marketing in Iran

Category: Blog Published: Tuesday, 14 May 2019
40 Notes for marketing in Iran

Interface network and mouth-to-mouth advertising
1. Join a Chamber of Commerce or other related organizations.

2. Send your brochure to the members of the organizations that you have been affiliated with.
3. Take a business party during the holidays.
4. After attending a conference, send the letter to the participants.
5. Advertise business in the peak season for business.
6. Get a comfortable and memorable phone number.
7. Choose a reminder address for your website and mention it in all commercial communications.
8. By direct mail, advertise your business with other professionals.
9. Advertise in a special directory or Yellow Book.
10. In order to access foreign markets, print a dual or multilingual ad. Place this ad in a magazine showroom.
11. Give your customers promotional gifts such as pod or calendar.
12. In the envelope or postal items, give some prominence to stimulate the curiosity of the receiver.
13. Take a promotional message against the laser walkway in front of your office walk.
14. Design good labels for installation on a car glass and distributed among customers.
15. Encode your ads and follow their results.
16. Improve your building's interior and exterior guide.
17. If you think your company logo is outdated, re-color it.
18. Sponsor a sporting event or radio and television program.
Special events
19. Make sure you have a booth at your trade shows.
20. Get together with a non-profit organization, such as the Institutions for the Support of Disabled Children, a sponsor of a program or a banquet.
21. Speak in high schools and advise students about their future career.
22. Select a street in your geographic area and state that cleaning is your organization or company. Passengers see your name and logo, and they will notice your good action.
23. Allocate part of your time and money to charities or non-profit organizations and publish the results in the press.
24. Make a CD or educational video about your services.
25. Compile a book.
Selling ideas
26. Read newspapers and specialized publications to get fresh business opportunities and to learn about the deployment and installation of companies.
27. Bring your slogans and marketing strategies to your attorney, accountant, banker, repairer, and advertising center, and then expand your sales force for free.
28. Increase your hours of work.
29. Even during the holidays, assign a group to provide customer service.
30. Show your product samples in your office.
31. Call or email to your former customers to recapture them.
32- Order your digital marketing.
33. Make sure your website security is trusted to your online customers.
34. Reduce orders from time to time and facilitate the reorder process.
35. Print your best-selling ads in a card and send it to your customers in your target market. Customers read short, concise cards. A small ad on a postcard can attract a lot of customers to your product, which can increase your sales. The cost is usually not high.
36. A marketing approach is not always successful for all businesses, so keep changing your marketing practices and be creative in using these methods. Your customers will be tired if your ad text is not changed, of course you will be tired of this repetition. Marketing can be fun, so use the benefits of using a variety of marketing methods to communicate with your valued customers. But be careful about choosing your marketing strategies. Always for a successful marketing, it should be based on a marketing plan. Try to use a variety of methods in your marketing plan. Always ask your customers about the methods you have used. These ideas can ensure the success of your marketing plan.
37. Help customers find the right products and services
If you want to send a product brochure to your customer, you can also send a brochure or product card or service card that you think is useful to your customer. This can help your customer find the right products and keep your customer satisfied. If you are worried about selling your product, you can work with the manufacturer of this product before using it. For example, consider a percentage of sales, or make a special discount to your customer from the seller.
38. Give your phones a different answer.
Try to give your customer specific orders at any time when answering the phone. For example, you can say "Good day; I am ...” Ask me about new services. "The caller will have to ask you about these services. Most companies have pre-recorded messages that they send to the client when they are left behind. You can do it yourself. It's no different from the customer's point of view that the message was already recorded or live. To use this method, make sure your message is attractive to your customers. If your client telephoned, do not waste your time and money with long time advertisements.
39. Use handwritten notes
Try to use handwritten or special seals or special labels in all the letters you send to your customer. Note that handwritten letters are read on the letter when the letter is first seen. Keep in mind that this entry is read in full if it is abbreviated and short so that the viewer can read it in less than ten seconds.
40. Try to do all the affairs perfectly and flawlessly
Most businessmen have the necessary skills to work and trade. But running a small business has its own complexity. Do not try to do all the work yourself and ask for all the work to be done perfectly and without fail. If you want to increase your knowledge about your work, read the specialized books in this area and be sure to consult a good librarian. When you are dealing with legal problems, instead of relying on your personal knowledge, try to get help from an experienced lawyer. It is recommended that you enter a business lawyer for business affairs for your company's legal affairs.

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