66 Marketing Ideas for Profitable Businesses in Iranian market

No matter how comprehensive a marketing strategy is, you will need to know the tips for accurate targeting your products and services.

General ideas
1- Do not end your day without taking at least one night marketing activity. Specify a percentage of your gross income as an annual marketing budget.
3. Identify specific marketing goals each year and evaluate and adjust them every three months.
4. Assign a folder to hold marketing ideas.
5- Have a business card every day and every hour.
6. Design a personalized brooch with your company logo and cover your coats at meetings.
Target market
Be alert to developments that may affect your target market, product, or marketing strategy.
8. Study marketing research about the profession, industry, product and market groups.
9) Compile your competitors' ads and learn about their strategies, features, and benefits of their products.
10. Ask customers why they chose you and ask for suggestions for improving quality.
11. Ask your former customers why you are abandoned.
12. Identify the new market.
13. Join a career mailing list.
Product development
14. Provide a service, technique or product.
15. Make a simpler, cheaper, or smaller version of your product or service.
16 - Make the copy smoother, more expensive looking, faster, or larger than your product or service.
17. Update your service.
Training, resources and information
18. Bring together a marketing and public relations team composed of colleagues and business owners, and exchange ideas and affairs.
19. Give your staff a suggestion box.
20. Attend marketing seminars.
21. Read marketing books.
22. Joint marketing and marketing publications.
23. Each month, have a marketing meeting with your employees or stewards to discuss market strategy and market conditions and get fresh ideas.
24- Join the community or organizations associated with your career.
25. Leave a folder to find a designer, author, and other marketing professionals.
26. Hire a mentoring consultant.
27 - A "Creative Journey" to a progressive city or country to learn marketing techniques there.
Pricing and Payment
28. Analyze your pricing structure and see where it needs to be modified.
29. Allow customers to pay by credit card.
30. Make a discount to fixed customers.
31. Learn how to deal with your business. Give members of some clubs, professional groups and organizations a discount on promoting your products and services in their publications.
32. Consider discount for "quick payments" and criticism, and get paid from fixed customers in installments.
Marketing communication
33. Publish a newsletter for your current and potential customers.
34. Print a brochure of your products and services.
35. Include a survey sheet with your brochures that you paid for it. This way you can get valuable customer feedback.
36. Remember that the vCard is not working properly alone, be sure to play it. Give each potential customer two business cards and brochures to hold one and give the other one to his friends.
37. Design a special business card and brochure for each of your target market sectors (for example, one for organizations and government agencies, and one for business and consumers)
38. Print a poster or calendar with your company logo and give your customers gifts.
39. On the letterhead, print out the facsimile sheets or bills, slogans or sentences in the description of your activity.
40. In your brochures, publish your positive customer testimonials about your goods and services.
41. Try a new mailing list. If it does not, add it to your current mailing list or think about dropping a list that does not meet your expectations.
42. For marketing in direct mail, use colored or large envelopes or send letters to unconfirmed white paper to stimulate the receiver's curiosity.
Relations with the media
43. Find out new releases to send your news to the media and the right person.
44. Write in the ordinary or economic newspapers and specialist journals.
45. Print your article and submit it to your colleagues.
46. Be careful in setting up the news of your company activities and submit them to the press on time and on several occasions.
47. Present one hundred, one hundred, one hundred and thirty thousand customers in the press.
48. Launch an annual prize and tighten it. For example, you can award the best employee of your company or organization year.
49. Learn about media or public relations, or read about it.
50. Take part in radio and television programs.
51. In the case of your industry or expertise, order a television program and give it to your local network to broadcast as a regular program.
52. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or magazine and invite him to lunch.
53. Send your newsletter along with the relevant photo to the press.
54. Regularly read newspapers and magazines for public relations opportunities.
55. For the press, submit the "Help" articles about the field of your business.
56. Research in your industry and, after discovering important findings, put it at the disposal of the press.
Customer service and customer relationship
57. Ask your customers to come back.
58. Answer the customer's phone calls without any time.
59. On the telephone answering machine, record important information, such as business hours, locations and the person in charge.
60. On the telephone answering machine, record a memorable message or "Tip of the day".
61. Organize your show or any other interesting event for your customers or send them a ticket for theater and cinema.
62. In your office, hold a seminar with the clients.
63. Send thank you handwritten handwriting letters to your customers. You can send a greeting card for their birthday or other occasions of the year.
64. Copy interesting articles and send your business card and brochure to your current or potential customers.
65. Assign a portion of your website to customers.
66. At any time, recreate the decoration of your meeting place with customers.

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