Vegetables in the Iranian market

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Vegetables in the Iranian market

A significant increase in the prices of some vegetables in the Iranian market
According to reports from Iran, the price of some food items, such as potatoes and tomatoes, has grown significantly in recent days.

According to market participants, the price per kilo of potatoes in the past few days has risen from $ 300 to $ 800 a week from ten days ago. According to the News Agency, the price of tomatoes has increased from 2500 to 3500 tomans, according to the Bar foods Union.
There are various reasons for this price increase.
Some people say the increase in demand for these two agricultural products during special periods such as Nowruz is natural due to the "supply of food", and each year during these periods their prices increase. Others, of course, have attributed the price increase to a decline in production and an increase in the export of these products.
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According to news agency, Hassan Saberi, chairman of the Barfarhang Union, said: "Each year during these days (the first decade of Muharram) the price of these two products increased by 10-20%, but this year I think with the situation they created the rate between 30 and It's 40 percent more expensive, and this year our storage capacity is unlikely due to unproductive exports for the eves day, and if we continue to have trouble, "he said. The increase in foreign exchange rates in the informal market of Iran in recent months has in turn encouraged exports of some agricultural products. "If we take a look at prices, we will find that the rate of this product has been purchased from a farmer since the first of March, 1992, at the farmhouse of 600 Tomans, but with the increase of the exchange rate and Growth in export earnings has also boosted exports of this product.” Others, of course, do not know how to increase exports.
Reza Nurani, chairman of the National Union of Agricultural Products in Iran, said: "The cultivation of these products, especially tomatoes, has fallen dramatically this summer, it should now be abundant in tomatoes, but this is not the case, and we are seeing the price of each can of 4,000 tomato paste 10 Thousands Has Come." Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture, exports of these two products have increased compared with the previous year.
According to official announcements this year about 147 thousand tons of potatoes were exported from Iran. Last year the export volume of this product was 79 thousand tons. According to Hussein Asghari, director general of Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture, in the first 5 months of this year, 306,000 tons of tomatoes were exported from Iran, up 125 percent from last year. Potatoes and tomatoes are among the most common items in Iranian tableware and food basket, and the price increase of these products has a significant role in determining the size of the food basket of many Iranian households. These two products, especially in the preparation of foods such as sugar candy, which are the most common nests during the Muharram, have high consumption. In recent weeks, the price of many foods in Iran has risen. One of these items is tomato paste. Some market players say the price increase is "inevitable" because "the government currency has not been added to them, and the can of the paste has also risen."
About two months ago, reports were released in the Iranian media, which reported a multiplier increase in the price of raw materials for products in Iran. One of the reasons for this was the refusal of the petrochemicals to supply these products to the domestic market and sell them in foreign markets. The price of perishable goods in this country is returning to normal, with increasing imports of fruits and vegetables from different countries, especially Iran and India to Qatar, according to Di Peninsula news agency, according to the news agency. Lulu chain supermarket chain supplies one kilo of imported tomatoes from Iran at a price of 4 rials per Qatar. The price per kilogram of cabbage, cauliflower, and Iranian pumpkin is 4, 6.5 and 6 rials, respectively. Each kilo of Indian bananas and Chilean apples is also 7.5 and 6.75 rials in diameter respectively. "We have diversified our import resources to make food products, especially fruits and vegetables, available at reasonable prices on the domestic market," said a Qatari shopping mall manager.
"We have noticed that imported fruits and vegetables from Iran and India are significantly cheaper than imports from European countries. Some fruits and vegetables that are not deteriorating sooner are with refrigerated containers from Iran and India, so cheaper than their imported goods from European countries, imported by cargo aircraft."
A large crowd around the shelves of inexpensive fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and bananas, and consumers buy these products in large quantities. Given that life without a freezer with strategic stocks is not feasible if it is possible, many are willing to pay more and vegetables, eggplant, pumpkin, and onions are small, fried and prepare. In the middle there are some people who respond to this need of the people. It's going to be a matter of cleaning up vegetables in order to provide people with services and earn a good income instead. You can also be the kind of people that's going to set up a home-based business to run.


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