Chinese cars in Iranian market

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Chinese cars in Iranian market

Over the past few years, Chinese cars have become fairly good in Iranian market, and their customers are getting more and more. Particularly during the last few months that the currency crisis has caused many people to lose the financial ability to buy luxury cars, the use of Chinese cars has increased.

On the other hand, Chinese cars are more favorable than the past in terms of investment out of planed marketing in Iran. These cars come in a variety of classes, including small city hatchback, hatchback, sedan, crossover and chassis belt. The statistics show an outrageous fact. The partners and Chinese models that Iranian market’s manufacturers make up for their chests are virtually not considered for marketing in Iran. Studies show that some of the Chinese cars in the Iranian market are not even present on the list of 100 best-selling Chinese cars!
Volkswagen's brand, with more than 2 million units sold, is still the most popular brand in the Chinese indigenous market, according to a report by Cheetah, Statists and Focus, at the beginning of October. With all that jellies, Jill is ranked second among the top brands in the Iranian market. Toyota has the third place. Honda, Chiangan, Nissan and Wooling ranked fourth to seventh. At the end of the Buick table, Baojong and Dongfeng ranked 8th to 10th. This means that out of the 10 best-selling brands active in the Chinese market, only 5 brands, half of which are related to China itself.
Examining Chinese brands inside Iranian market in the native Chinese market
Of these brands, the statistics of those who are familiar with the Iranian market are not desirable. Only Jilly (who was originally introduced in Iran by Gilran, and then by Bam's automakers), stands in second place. Dongfeng's partner, Iran's best-seller, did not find any better than the 10th place. Hawal, for which many carriers (such as Massive Car, Bahman and Diyar Khodro) broke down, ranked 16th in the bestselling brand in China. Trimchi, who was in the hands of Golestan Holding for some time, was then ranked 17th in the table. But Jack (Kermanian's old partner), this brand-name brand in China, has ranked 20th in the bestselling brand in China. Baik, which once went to the market by road, ranked 21th. Another source is the company that recently opened its way to the Iranian market by Kermania. The company owns 22nd place in China itself. Chery, that is said to be one of the brightest brands in China and has opened a special account on top of the car, is China's 23rd best-selling brand in China itself. Emmi, a company that started its work with Media Engine and then the Pars Automobile Industry, is recognized as the 28th best-selling brand in China. The rank of 30 of this table is shared by Saipaee's partner, Zebu. Lifan, a Kerman colleague, has not been ranked better than 32 at the top 100 Chinese bestsellers. The graticule that co-operated with Diyar several years ago has these days in China better than 39. The hopes of the Bahman Group, Faw, are at the top of the list of 100 best-selling brands, ranked 49th. The bruxelles, that are now debating and the future of Parschodro, is somehow dependent on him, has reached 53rd best-selling brands in China. Hayma and Iran Khodro may be happy that they are not below 55 on this list. Seif Auto Company, once known as the representative of Subaru, now has a hands-on brand name that has ranked 69th on the list. Kia Engine Varna, who wanted to go over at one-hundred-year-old Burghvard, was co-operating with a company that has 70 seats in its own country.
When it comes to models and products, the situation gets worse. The Hawaiian H6 is the highest-ranking Chinese in the Iranian market itself. But the point here is that the car is a model of 2018, but what was released a few years ago by the Bahman group was the 2014 model. The 12th is the truffle of the GS4, which was scheduled to be released by Diamonds; nothing that has not happened yet. In position 13 of this table is the GE7 EC7. The car, which was used for import for marketing in Iran, was initiated by the start of a ban on the import of everything for marketing in Iran. Rank 28 is available to Jilly GS, which was said to have come to Iranian market for testing, but has never been proven. Last year, Saipa introduced the CS55 to Charan. The car is known as the 29th best-selling car in the Chinese market. The position of 38 best-selling cars in China is at the disposal of Songwriting. The car was said to have Carmenia put it on it. From the corners, Saipa plans to come to an agreement with its Chinese partner Chiang to produce the CS75 model. No newer news was released.

So far, it's not until the start of the 50th and other words after passing half of the best-selling cars in the Chinese market, yet the model is not being introduced inside Iran. It is strange and perhaps regrettable that the most familiar name in this list is the 51st rank, the CS35 chip that is being launched in Iran by Saipa. It may not be credible, but the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2018, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz 3 Series also have more sales. Chery Tigo 3, who is queuing for it in Iranian market, is the 68th best-selling car inside China. Namely, even below the Mitsubishi Otolander, the Nissan Tina and Mazda 3 all 2018 models. Chery Arizou, like its family member in Iranian market, is biased. But its sales figures in China show that its rank is not better than 72.

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