Calculator marketing in Iran

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Calculator marketing in Iran

The types of calculators in the Iranian market are sold without any price changes over the past two months. One can say that it is one of the devices used in many offices and even homes.

A calculator is used to a large extent among different segments of the Iranian market and the other markets for mostly educated people.
Sharp, Casio and Pars Accounting are three of the most prominent brands in the Iranian market, which, according to Casio's calculator vendors, have a high share of the product marketing in Iran and a higher price than other market brands. Iranian market can be divided into three categories based on calculator marketing in Iran: pocket, desktop (accounting) and professional (engineering), which is added to the price, depending on the type of use and performance. According to some Iranian market players, the Casio brand is more diverse; in addition, most of the professional calculators available on Iranian market are Casio's. At the moment, the approximate price for a calculator can be considered between $ 1,600 to $ 140,000, which is considered a pocket and professional calculator, respectively. Except professional calculators, most of the calculators work with batteries and light. According to the Casilles Casio Sales Representative for marketing in Iran, there are over 150 models of this product available on the Casio brand, priced between 2700 tomans and 136,000 tomans.
For example, the 815 HL model is sold as the cheapest Casio Calculator model for 2,700 tomans.
In addition, the PLAS300 model is available as a Professional Calculator for 136,000 tomans.
Also, the price of the 120DS as one of the most popular accounting calculators for offices is 18,500 tomans.
Apart from Casio, the Sharp Calculators can also be referred to as market lucky ones that will be available next to Casio.

Of course, according to Iranian marketers in the office equipment market, the variety of Sharp calculators is lower than Casio for marketing in Iran. Meanwhile, the price of the company's products is lower than Casio. The quality of the products of these two companies is at a limit. Currently, the price of a variety of pocket and professional calculators Sharp is between 1,000 and 800 Tomans to 70 thousand tomans
For example, the easiest pocket calculator for this brand is 1800 tomans, while the CS-4194HC and CS2902 models are priced at 40,200 tomans and 69,800 tomans, respectively, as the cheapest and most expensive professional calculator among all the brands in Iranian market.
Also, two EL-421M and CS2130 models are priced at 7,600 tomans and 18,000 and 900 tomans respectively as the lowest and highest administrative calculator in terms of price. The EL123S, EL233S and EL-143S models are priced at 1,670 tomans, 3,600 tomans, and 4,100 tomans, respectively.
According to the activists of the Pars brand, another brand is the existing Iranian market, with its parts Chinese and assembly, and its types of desktop calculators are priced at an approximate price of 6 to 12 thousand tomans and its office cassettes are sold for 40 thousand tomans in the Iranian market. Also, "Satizen" and "Katyha" are two different brands available on the Iranian market, with low quality sales of 6 to 20 thousand tomans out of weaker calculator marketing in Iran.
What is the most popular calculator brand in Iranian market?
In Iranian market, there are a variety of different types of calculators, of which only a few brands are known, and only a few brands have been able to display their own inventory and outfit in the competitive market and put their name on the language of the Iranian people. Brands that are not all Iranian, but know the taste of the Iranian people.
These brands include Sharp, Casio, Canon, Tonb and Texas Instruments.
Each of these brands has become a corner of the market for calculating sales in Iran, although the first calculators, the same abacus, have been the day of Iranian invention. The lack of technological growth in these types of industries, especially after the Islamic Revolution in Iran, and the lack of support for officials has opened the way for these brands. The high quality and elegant design, taking into account consumer tastes, is one of the common features of all the calculators. But the point is which of these brands has the best quality. Undoubtedly, the Sharp brand, which is the brainchild of the Japanese think tank, offers the best and most high-quality products, including calculators. Sharp calculators not only have the highest sales in Iranian market but also are best-selling in the whole world. The question is why Sharp products are popular. The answer to this question can be asked from the consumers of this best-selling and lovely product.
The Sharp Calculators, which models of the store and its scientific models - its engineering have a very high life and also because of the use of solid materials in the manufacture of this kind of products.
Various Sharp Calculators Include:
1. Scientific-Engineering: Engineering Calculator - Scientific Sharp with a variety of advanced and advanced features that meet the needs of dear engineers.
2. Desktop: The desktop calculator is for the accountants and those who deal with multiple subtractions. Sharp's desk calculators have been honoring many years of diligent work and aided accountant.
3. Luminaires: Lumina Calculators - Sharp Bars are suitable for calculating accounting operations. Also, these calculators have the ability to print accounting acts.

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