Dolling Industry in Iranian market

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Dolling Industry in Iranian market

Generally, the doll making industry in the world in various countries, including the United States, has a wealth for productive companies, and from time to time doll manufacturers make dolls inspired by Hollywood characters and cartoons.

Several Sabah, before the world's economic downturn, a doll maker in the United States tried to increase its sales by building two dolls named Barack Obama's daughters. Given the huge body of the child in different countries, the doll industry can be a continuous and unproblematic industry even in Iranian market.
What is a doll?
Dolls are toys that are designed and manufactured in the human body and mainly in the form of a girl. Due to their human form, the dolls have the ability to communicate and influence the minds of girls. It should be noted that the doll can never stimulate the feelings that girls have in the boys, and this is not the ability of the doll that returns to the nature and different spirits of boys and girls. "Hasbro’s toy company was trying to test a dollhouse for marketing and desirability for boys and girls, but it soon became clear that the reaction of boys and girls is not the same as the product," says Christian Siemens. Girls started dressing up dolls, kissing them and playing home while boys threw toys out of the roof.
A very important point is the modeling and puppet training. Because it is used in the most sensitive age in childhood and plays a very effective role in the mental modeling of girls in an emotional and loving way.
It should be noted that puppets at the lowest level help children achieve a complete body image. Mothers also use the doll's mediator to educate girls about things like eating, bathing, and relaxing. But in line with the age of girls, puppets play a significant role in teaching social roles and displaying gender segregation and understanding the child from their future roles.
In the following, we will examine the industry of doll making in Iranian market
Iran does not have a proper doll industry
Sits in Shiraz and makes dolls. A middle-aged woman and at home with the help of some of her students, the local dolls are rigid in five sizes for marketing in Iran. The biggest puppet is 120 centimeters, but says: "Size 2 is the most sold. In Shiraz, this size is sold in shops in the city for up to 22 thousand tomans. "Saliyah makes about 1,000 handmade dolls that are all local for marketing in Iran; Fars nomadic women, northern girl and other tribes. “The women's cooperative for the March Fair has ordered almost all of our relatives," but local handmade dolls do not pay the cost of the workshop. He sells imported dolls more than handmade dolls: "We bring the ready-made doll." We make all his clothes. We make and sell Iranian dress and Iranian makeup. " All of them is customized for Iranian users due to marketing in Iran.
In Iran, other than Dara's dolls and Sara's dolls that have been producing juveniles for intellectual development, no other institution produces dolls. Before the revolution, factories known as Face-Posh were making dolls during the mid-1950s, whose activities stopped with the revolution, and then they became owners of the underprivileged foundation. Until the mid-1970s, there was no thought to produce dolls. The Iranian market was filled with foreign dolls, which were prohibited from importing, all trafficked to Iranian market. In Iranian market, some workshops made a very limited number of dolls that could not inject the thirsty Iranian market with their products at all. Still producing dolls in Iran is done in a workshop and very limited.
The director of one of the doll manufacturing workshops in Qom considers his best-selling belonging to his ponytail doll, which the child is riding on. According to her, in these days when the Iranian doll market has accumulated from Chinese goods, the domestic doll maker is rare. He sells 3,000 horse dolls, who bought cloth from domestic factories the following month, but now they import fabrics from China. "Our sales are good, but because the quality of Iranian fabrics is so thin and ruined, even though the dollar has become more expensive, we made the same month a month before China," he says. The customs were saying that these fabrics are high-quality, but they were embarrassed and allowed to strip the Iranian fabrics I showed them which can be sold in Iranian market. "He sells the horse doll for 18 thousand tomans to the shops, but says he gets 35 thousand tomans at the Tehran Metro Station. Except for the horse figures, fish figures make about 10,000 polishing dolls sale.
Polished dolls are one of the most popular dolls in the Iranian market. Almost all of these dolls are made in China. The domestic chain stores including shops welfare and reliance, also sell dolls in a box or in a basket. There are two large baskets full of polishing dolls in the supermarket in western Tehran, with dolls within them ranging from 6 to 20 thousand tomans in Iranian market. All dolls are foreign characters, like Angry Birds, Mickamous and Goofy. Even the few domestic workshops also produce the same foreign characters.
Somayeh is one of the young people who loved dolls in Masouleh in his childhood. He still has about 20 dolls. "The war time was just a doll in the Iranian market," he says. The doll was made of tufted fabrics, with arms folded apart and not moving. His face was plastic that was molded and labeled for that eye and eyebrow, or labeled in the form of eyes and mouth.

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