Camera marketing in Iran

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Camera marketing in Iran

Low rate of sales of cameras in Iranian market
Because of a number of reasons such as low rate of proper advertising in Iranian market,

lack of great variety of cameras for marketing in Iran and injecting low quality products in to the Iranian market, the camera marketing in Iran has faced lots of problem nowadays. In another point of view, with the development of mobile cameras, the sale of cameras has dropped dramatically and has now dropped to about thirty percent, with camera sales dropping over Iranian market.
According to the CIPA Camera and Video Production Institute, the sale of cameras has dropped sharply out of Iranian market. The camera marketing in Iran is slower than ever, because mobile cameras are becoming more powerful every day.
With more power of mobiles in taking photos, the Iranian market for compact cameras is more than the other types of cameras. Thus, these cameras are facing a 44% drop in sales in Iranian market. But the interesting thing is that professional mirror cameras have not only dropped sales, as opposed to past predictions, but also increased by one tenth of a percent. The report reviews the winter of the current year and compared it to the same sample last year and the previous year due to high level camera marketing in Iran. Many predictions suggest the possibility of replacing mirror cameras instead of mirror cameras in Iranian market, but these figures tell us something else.
Sales of mirror less cameras that are flagship of Panasonic, Sony, and Olympus have dropped by 16 percent, compared with the Cannon and Nikon cameras.
The statistics show that photographers and art lovers still prefer to see epithets in digital cameras. Analysts at the camera market, of course, say that in the future, this trend will change with increasing digital image quality over camera marketing in Iran. According to these predictions, both Nikon and Cannon companies are designing new mirror less cameras customized for Iranian market.
Cameras and World perfectionism
Based on the results of the TIPA, which is one of the most reputable camera introduction agencies in the world, the best DSLR camera for those who want to have professional photography is the Nikon 5600. This camera can be a good option for art students or journalists and available in Iranian market. In the section of non-mirror photography cameras, for those who have just begun photography, Fujifilm is known as the best-selling X-T20.
In the section of full-frame DSLR cameras, the "FIVE D-mark Four" and the best mirror-free camera are Olympus "OEM AMD 1 Mark 2". In the section of camcorders that are capable of filming, the best is the Panasonic JOHF-capable camera which also is available in the Iranian market.
Approximately 51% of the people who won the World Press Photography photo competition have used Nikon cameras and 30% of the current cameras. Fujifilm, Sony, Pentax and DVI are also in the next places out of Iranian market.
Most of the cameras were among the winners of the Nikon Di 5 and Nikon D810.
One of the things that still cause mobile phone cameras to not compete with professional cameras available in Iranian market is their small size and smaller size of the sensor and lens. But in the last few years, the mobile camera has made significant progress, and the market for compact cameras is virtually extinct. In the next few years, with the development of AI, mobile cameras are expected to be more capable as expected to be seen with great advertising in Iran with good entrance due to marketing in Iran. As in the past year, some mobile makers have been able to give more depth to mobile photos using artificial intelligence.
Professional and non-professional camera marketing in Iran
Digital camera market vendors believe that the use of professional digital cameras in Iranian market still have specific customers, despite the price of millions of camera’s marketing in Iran, is in the spotlight of many art photographers and has a good sale in Iranian market. Meanwhile, due to economic issues, home users whom are tend to record their memories, go shopping for non-professional cameras in Iranian market.

Since digital cameras are the most important tools that enable us to record life events and taped memories digitally, in all seasons, the fans and buyers of these cameras are seen on the Iranian market, and in some way the digital camera marketing in Iran is always vibrant and has lots of ups and downs due to the customer capacities and capabilities in Iranian market.
The digital camera marketing in Iran is very diverse and maybe it could be the most attractive digital market after the mobile phone, which has won the world's largest brands by producing different models at different prices.
Digital camera buyers can be divided into two categories of professional camera fans, as well as non-professional consumer cameras called "compact" cameras in Iranian market; non-professional cameras with fixed lenses and small size cameras which are lightweight and are priced at much lower prices than professional DSLR cameras that are priced at their lenses are great to deal for marketing in Iran.
Professional market in the hands of various Cannon models
The Japanese company Canon, with its renown in the field of camera production and the supply of various models of digital cameras with different prices and features, has been able to maximize demand for the Iranian market. It’s been a positive competition between famous brands in Iranian market such as Cannon and niKon.

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